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     Welcome to the archive page of the official blog of Robert Stanek.  Robert Stanek is the author of more than 100 books and is best known for his Ruin Mist novels. This archive page is for May 2007 to July 2005. You can browse the blog by following these links:


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May 2007


Dear Readers,


   I've always tried to keep this blog positive and upbeat, but I can no longer sit quietly while a group of individuals seeks to ruin my reputation and that of my publisher, Reagent Press. As loyal readers know, I am the award-winning, international, best-selling author of 70 books for young people and adults. I've been at this thing called writing since 1980; a published, award-winning author since 1991 when I won the George Washington Honor medal from the Freedom Foundation; and a bestselling author since 1995 when a little book I wrote called Electronic Publishing Unleashed "defined electronic and digital publishing for a generation of readers." I am one of the original digital publishing pioneers and I remain a strong proponent of digital publishing. I am a Gulf War veteran and the recipient of 29 medals during my 11 years of honorable military service. I received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Humanitarian Service Medal, the Air Medal, and several other medals for my service in the Gulf War. For me, the words Honor, Duty, and Country have profound meaning. I served in the Gulf War because my country asked me to and because it was my duty to do so. I have supported the communities I've lived in all my life and frequently donated to schools, libraries, and community events.

  The individuals who are trying to ruin my reputation have been spreading malicious, untrue rumors about me for the past five years. For the last few years, they've been doing the same to my publisher. As someone who has given all his life to his country and his community, I simply do not understand this continued and prolonged harassment of me personally. Not liking a book is one thing, reaching into every corner of cyberspace to spread malicious, untrue rumors is something else entirely.

   To build word of mouth prior to the launch of my Ruin Mist books, my publisher gave away many thousands of copies of the books and launched major advertising campaigns including showings at dozens of book shows around the world, appearances in bookstore/library publications/events, and more. This created tremendous positive interest that was ruined by individuals who had no right to do so. Five years later these individuals are still at it.

   I am asking members of the book community to help stop these activities, which appear to be hate crimes against a person who has never professed his politics, religious beliefs, or war stance. There is enough intolerance in the world; there does not need to be such intolerance in the book community. For those who have been a part of these activities, if I've misunderstood your intent, write to me and let me know so. I am not afraid to make a correction to statements that I've determined to be false. I would ask the same of you as well.


Thank you for reading. God bless and take care,




Robert Stanek


November 2006


Dear Readers,


Huge thank you to the dedicated fans who continue to read my books and tell others about them. I must apologize for being so jammed up this past year that I haven't had time to keep up with this blog. I forget sometimes that there are readers who don't subscribe to the newsletter that I've faithfully published every 3 months for many years. I hope to remedy this by either reopening subscription or making the newsletter available as a part of this web site. For those who may be wondering, the newsletter began in 1996 and has been published quarterly ever since. Back then, I was writing primarily Web design and Web publishing articles and books. Because of this, many of its long-time subscribers want to hear about computers, technologies, and such. So if I am to reopen subscription or make the newsletter available as a part of this web site, there must be an understanding between us and it is this: the newsletter isn't just about my fiction writing. The newsletter has covered and will continue to cover all my areas of interest: computers, technology, nonfiction, fiction, and web stuff. The newsletter will continue to have a regular “Strange Web Stuff” column. The newsletter will continue to have “What I'm Reading” and/or “Authors You Should Get to Know” columns that cover books from my favorite authors as well as new and upcoming authors. The authors I discuss may not necessarily be fiction authors. The authors may not necessarily be ones you've heard of, and that is sometimes the point. It may seem I have a preference for small press authors because I do and my discussion of an author, as always, is not necessarily meant as literary review or critique. Of course, these columns often gush with praise because I'm not discussing authors I don't like—I'm discussing authors whose work I like and/or authors whose work you may like. Issue #45 will come out in January.


I thank you for the many letters and emails, and apologize for not being able to answer every one of them personally. I want to thank the many teachers, librarians, and parents across the U.S. and around the world who have embraced my books and made them so successful. The little book that could—and did—is still going. I couldn't have done it without all the dedicated fans. You make all the difference, thank you. In letters and emails, the question I'm asked the most is about the upcoming Ruin Mist books and when they will be published. I'm sorry to say I don't know the dates yet. The title of the series for adults, as fans have already discovered, is called Ruin Mist: The Lost Ages. The other questions I get the most are about specific characters. For readers who want to know if Myrial and Emel will be back, I can say both Myrial and Emel will be back, but things have been rough what with a great war sweeping the kingdoms and all, so they may have changed somewhat from the Myrial and Emel you've grown to love. The hints I offer are these: Myrial is ever a survivor as her dark encounter with the housemaster should have shown you, and Emel went on a journey in search of something and may find more than he bargains for. For readers who want to know about Edward and Eldrick, I can say you haven't seen the last of Eldrick but alas, I can do nothing for Edward whom we all miss terribly.


For the many readers who want to know more about when my books are coming to their country, I have some great news. Three new translations: Korean, Russian, and Bulgarian. Thanks to one of my most dedicated fans, I have copies of the Bulgarian covers to share and a copy of a promo page.



Keeper Martin's Tale

Kingdom Alliance

Fields of Honor

See the feature...


My publisher has created several new destination sites featuring the books, including http://books.reagentpress.com, http://audio.reagentpress.com, http://kids.reagentpress.com, http://teens.reagentpress.com, and http://schools.reagentpress.com. I don't have any new news on Battle for Ruin Mist: The Roleplaying Game. As soon as there's an update, it'll be available at http://www.reagentpress.com/roleplay.htm.


Thank you for reading and believing. God bless and take care,


Robert Stanek





December 2005

Dear Readers,


Thank you for an amazing 2005 and for helping to take The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches all the way to #1. Teachers, librarians, and parents across the U.S. and around the world have embraced the book so much that it is becoming known as "the little book that could—and did." Like the little engine that could—and did—The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches has carried on year after year with steady sales to become one of the most successful books ever produced by an independent small publisher. I couldn't have done it without all the dedicated fans.


An update on the Blue Ribbon award for my audio books—this is no longer a maybe. My audio books have won multiple awards, which will be announced in 2006. Keep your fingers crossed for the 2006 Grammy awards and 2006 Audie awards, which appear to be sure things.


To the dozens of fans writing to me about Hayao Miyazaki directing an animated version of The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches. This is speculation and absolutely not true. No director has been selected for Into the Beyond.


Lastly, I hope you'll say a prayer for me as I begin chemo. A 30% chance is better than zero.


Thank you for reading and believing. God bless and take care,


Robert Stanek


October, 2005


Dear Readers,


Huge thank you to the dedicated fans who continue to read my books and tell others about them. Back in early September, I promised fans big news for October and a few answers too.


Ruin Mist and Magic Lands movies seem to be the news everyone wanted. Unfortunately, I can't deliver anything new. DreamWorks and others did express interest in 2002. Valhalla Motion Pictures and others did express interest in 2004. Nothing else to report.


Translation and rights news continues to be good. Currently, my publisher is in discussions with publishers in Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, China, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and elsewhere. Translations of the books are underway in Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, and several other languages. Scholastic is considering publishing paperback editions.


My publisher has created several new destination sites featuring the books, including http://www.themagiclands.com and http://www.reagentpress.com in addition to http://www.robertstanek.com and http://www.ruinmist.com.


For those wondering about Grammy and Audie news: no Grammy, no nomination.  The Blue Ribbon award as I understand it is for “Audiobook that has made the biggest impact on audio publishing for the year.”


I've completed work on Battle for Ruin Mist: The Roleplaying Game. Details can be found at http://www.reagentpress.com/roleplay.htm.


The secrets of the praise that appears at the beginning of the Ruin Mist books? These quotes are from editors at major publishers who read and liked my books but ultimately decided not to publish them, including Susan Allison, Betsy Mitchell, and Carolyn Reidy. As far as fiction agents that I have worked with, they include Richard Curtis and Al Zuckerman.


Thank you for reading and believing. God bless and take care,


Robert Stanek





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